2023/04/27 Chinese Dining Culture: Communication, Manners and Tasting

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תרבות האוכל בסין: תקשורת, נימוסים, וטעימות.

הרצאה של עו"ד גל פורר, יו"ר אגודת הידידות

בשיתוף עם מרכז תרבות סין בתל-אביב


2023/02/27 יחסי סין ואמריקה הלטינית

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Mr. Hagai Gat 

מעטים בישראל שומעים על יחסי סין עם אמריקה הלטינית, למרות שבעשורים האחרונים התפתחו יחסים כלכליים חשובים לשני הצדדים.

בהרצאה חגי שיתף אותנו במקצת מחוויותיו האישיות, וסיפר לנו על הטעם חמוץ-מתוק שנשאר בחלק גדול מהפרויקטים של סין באמריקה הלטינית בכלל, ובאקוודור בפרט.



2022/12/20 Scholarships Event

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The annual event of the Former Residents of China Association (FRCA) and the Israel-China Friendship Society (ICFS) was held on 20th December 2022 at the Chinese Culture Center in Tel-Aviv (CCCT). In the event we celebrated Hanukah and three generations of the Trigobov family sang for us Chinese and Hebrew songs as well as presented for us the rich history of their Harbin family. Ambassador Cai Run, attended the event and gave a warm speech. Mr. Yossi Klein, Chairman of FRCA informed us on a plan to establish a new Jewish museum in Harbin, and Mrs. Maya Yaron, Director of North East Asia at the Foreign Ministry, greeted the event and phrased the tightening of Israel and China relations.  FRCA granted the scholarships to Israeli Students with Chinese heritage and ICFS granted the scholarships to Chinese Students who study in Israel.

Mr. Gal furer, Chairman of ICFS and Mr. Ariel Eldor, head of the scholarships committee submitted the scholarships to the Chinese students and Mr. Yaki Matalin, vice-chairman of ICFS, conducted the whole event very professionally. Finally, we wish to thank Mr. Shi Yuewen, Director of CCCT for letting us use the property and assisted in organizing this wonderful event.

2022/11/25 Chinese Students Trip

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This is the first time that Israel-China Friendship Society (ICFS) is organizing a trip to the Chinese Students in Israel

This time, in spite of the rainy day, 38 brave students from Tel-Aviv and Bar-Ilan universities joined us.

  • We visited the Ayalon Museum in Rehovot, that was a secretive and illegal bullets’ factory during the British mandate
  • We visited and hiked the Burma Road that helped to circumvent the Arabic siege on Jerusalem in the 1948 war
  • We visited the new Sha’ar Ha’guy Museum to learn about the battles of the convoys to Jerusalem during 1947-1948
  • Mr. Alex Nachumson who was born in Harbin in 1947 told us the story of the Harbin Jews and his own family.
  • And we finished with a lovely Druse food that was served to us in the beautiful Emmaus Monastery near Latrun

We had a great fun to be with the young and energetic students and it seems that they also had a lot of fun.

2021/06/14 Meeting with H.E. Ambassador Cai Run

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On June 14th the management of Israel-China Friendship Society and the Former Residence of China Association met with the new Chinese Ambassador to Israel, H.E. Mr. Cai Run. The meeting took place in the synagogue of the Jewish Community that came from China (At Ramat Hachayal in Tel-Aviv)

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