Our Aim:

The Israel-China Friendship Society aims to assist and support Chinese students studying in Israel and to ensure a better and smoother transition to the Israeli system. We would like every Chinese student who has studied in Israel to be an active ambassador for Israel among their family, friends, and co-workers.

2020 Scholarships:

Due to the Corona Virus and the limitations on activity:

  • Scholarships for 2020 will be disbursed later than usual.
  • All procedures will be online and students will not have to attend the annual ceremony, which will be delayed until further notice.
  • The board has decided to increase the total sum of 2020 Scholarships to NIS 21,000;
    Each scholarship will be NIS 1,000, thus enabling more students to receive a scholarship.

Scholarship Criteria & Procedures:

  • Applications for scholarships should be submitted before January 15th 2021.
    The applications should be submitted via email to sec@israelchinafriendship.org
  • The Scholarship Committee of the Israel-China Friendship Society will review all applications that meet the threshold requirements as follows:
    • An applicant shall be a full-time First or Second Degree Student.
      PhD students
      may apply if their research is related to Israel / Jewish Diaspora.
    • The student should be a full time student at an Institution of Higher Education in Israel, during the relevant year (20/21).
    • An applicant shall not have previously received this scholarship.

The Process:

  • Applicants should submit a completed, signed Application Form along with all required documents (as stated in the Form).
    To download the Form Click Here
  • The Scholarship Committee will take into account various parameters including, but not limited to: diversity of study fields, diversity of institutions, recommendations, grades, etc.
  • The Scholarship Committee may give preference to students who study or research fields related to Israel / Jewish Diaspora,
  • Decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final and may not be appealed,